Benefits of Regular Car Servicing:

What is the difference between car servicing and MOT?

Before I talk about the benefits of regular car servicing, let’s clear the difference between an MOT and car servicing.

Some car owners tend to believe that a passed MOT certificate liberates them from having the responsibility for regular car servicing. Even though an MOT is carried out to judge the safety and road worthiness of your car, it does not mean that there is no need for your car to be serviced and maintained. It is in fact vital for your car to be serviced on a regular basis.

MOT is compulsory by law and you need to get it done every year to prove your car is maintained and road worthy. However, let me make it very clear, an MOT does not offer any replacement services, oil change, tyre change, etc. However servicing your car does offer replacement services.

An MOT is simply a test of your car to check the main components and parts and judge whether you can be on the road. Even when your are passes the MOT you would still need to top-up engine oil, check the brakes and ensure other areas of the car are working adequately.

As Car Owners:

As a car owner, you are advised to get your car regularly serviced and keep up to date with it’s maintenance, oil change and other checks. This is to make your life easier as well as not being hit by a huge bill when left for too long. A car is a complicated machine with intricate parts that goes through a lot of wear and tear. However, there is a large number of people who tend to ignore the regular service calls and keep their car functioning even with the check engine light on.

Benefits of Regular Car Servicing:

  1. Road Safety

When it comes the importance of road safety, benefiting from regular car servicing is paramount. With millions of cars on the road daily which can severely impact one another, it becomes the sole responsibility of every car owner to go through maintenance and servicing. This is to ensure their car will not be a safety hazard to themselves and others whilst on the road.

With effective and efficient functioning of the engine and other parts, your car can safely function on the road. Did you know the majority of the accidents occurring due to delayed or under-servicing of cars, which can even be life-threatening.

2. Running Cost

You are well aware that your car operates smoothly with the help of complicated components and parts that work together in harmony to provide efficiency. This means, one damaged part can lead to overall damage, and reduce the efficiency of your vehicle. The benefits of car service has to do with forking out for a large bill every time you drive into a garage.

If your car has a regular service and checks, any car issues can be diagnosed at its earliest and fixed before they have any significant impact. Although regular servicing costs a certain amount (usually fixed price before VAT) it is still minimal when compared to the bill you will face if you were to neglect warning signs or damaged parts for too long. Regular servicing is the best way to save time, effort, and money. 

3. Car Value

If we are talking about the present cost of the car, it is important to address the value of the car too. Another benefit of car servicing is that if you are planning to sell your car, any next potential buyer would like to have a look at the maintenance record before considering the vehicle. Having a well maintained car and one which is regularly serviced can boost the rating of you actually getting a potential buyer. It is best to always keep your car in the best possible shape and condition in order to be able to sell for a good price.

4. Performance

The reason why we all buy a car is to make life simple and easier. The car service benefits run deep and even affect the performance of your car; the main reason why you get a vehicle.

Whether it is your work commute or the passion to go on road trips, it is important that your vehicle functions efficiently. When you deprive the car of regular servicing, it won’t be functioning at its highest capacity and would probably become even worse over time.

With regular maintenance and service, your car will not only remain in a good condition but also perform better with enhanced fuel economy, etc. A well-maintained car will offer you a more responsive and smoother ride, allowing you to get the most of your vehicle.

5. The Lifespan of the car

Car servicing is important for elongating the life of your car. Your vehicle is a huge investment, and obviously you want to be able to enjoy its complete value until you can. As a car owner it is only natural to want your car to be fully functional as well as operate at it’s maximum. However, if the car is never serviced or not properly serviced the build up of a number of problems will seriously reduce the lifespan of the car.

This is where the benefit of car servicing comes in. Having regular maintenance and servicing can go a long way in maintaining and increasing the lifespan of your car. However when booking a service, your should look for a fully qualified and experienced mechanic. It is important to ensure your mechanic know how to treat your car as well as know the ins and outs of your cars make and model.

6. Fuel Economy

This is one of the greatest benefits of servicing your car.

A car that is not well maintained will consume more fuel than a well-maintained car; that’s rule #1 when it comes to saving your fuel cost. Regular Car Service is the way to move forward in every case.

7. Environmental-Friendly

Another benefit of regular having your car serviced includes maintaining your tyre pressure, changing oil, and cleaning out filters is that it can help to minimise the impact of your vehicle on the environment. Moreover, an un-serviced car produces emissions which increase pollution, leading to even unhealthier air quality. It is important for us all to do our part to keep our planet safe.

This brings us to the end of the benefits of regular car servicing. I Hope this has been beneficial and that you will realise the benefits and importance of servicing a car.

For more such content, keep watching this space.

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